Saturday, June 22, 2024

18 Jahan Jahan Charan Pade Raghuwar ke 18

This is 18 th Episode of Jahan Jahan Charan Pade Raghuwar ke. In this episode you can watch some important places of Ayodhya, associated with Van Vas Prasanga of Shri Ram. Bada Sthan aka Dashrath Mahal, Kanak Bhawan and Mani Parwat are prominent among these.

Dashrath Mahal is accepted as ancient fort of Dashrath, while Kanak Bhawan was made for Kaikayee but Kakayee gifted her Bhawan to Sita as Muhdekhai. Shri Ram and Sitaji lived here before going to 14 years exile. Mani Parwat is that place where dowry presents were shown to Ayodhyawasi when Shri Ram and other 3 brotheres returned from Janakpur after marriage. 

This program is made by Shriram Sanskritik Shodha Sansthan Nyas, B-945, MIG Flats, East Loni Road Dellhi 110093. Produced and presented for Nyas by Dr Ramautar. 

Dr Ramautar is an eminent scholar of pilgrimages of Shri Ram in exile. You can contact Dr Ramautar at 09868364356, 08920301889 .

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