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Shri Ram Van Yatra App, get it, on Google Play Store

This app has been developed primarily to give complete information about Lord Ram’s van yatra shrines. It has been prepared on behalf of the trust of Shri Ram Sanskritik Shodh Sansthan Nyas. We will provide proper information about the visit, worship and philosophy of these pilgrims.

In addition to Shri Ram Van Gaman Tirths, we plan to make research findings available here on other pilgrims related to Ramji.

Shri Ram Mandir

We plan to add all the temples located in the country and abroad of Lord Ram on this website. It is our expectation to add the Ram temple to your area automatically on this website. It is our wish that all the devotees of the Rama should come together and join the happiness and happiness of each other in the form of a great devotee family.

Shri Ram Sahitya

Welcome to this website of all kinds of spiritual literature related to Lord Rama. We will try in the coming days that new old texts, books, letters, and articles related to Ramji can be made available here. Public participation is essential in this work. If there is a text in your information that is not available here, then you can add appropriate context to it automatically.

We will try this direction to get copies of Ramayana available in different languages ​​worldwide. If you have a unique copy of a Ramayana, then please inform us for the consent of the publisher and the rights holder. We will try to make these available on this website.

Shri Ram Kathavachak

We welcome Ram Katha Vachak, Sunderkand lecturer and bhajan singers who praise Shri Rama. If you are proficient in this mode then add your details automatically or if any of your information is engage in this work, then provide their details to us. If this happens, it will be easy to contact Ramgiz’s story readers, bhajan singers, for Ramvakans.

Address of Trust

Shri Ram Sanskritik Shodh Sansthan Nyas

Chitrakoot, B 945 , MIG Flats

East of Loni Road 110064

Contact Dr Ram Autar for more details

Mobile 09868364356. 08920301889

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2 responses to “Shri Ram Van Yatra App, get it, on Google Play Store”

  1. Krishna says:

    Do you have the app on iphone ?


  2. Manoj Phatak says:

    Jai Siya Ram
    Many many thanks for quarry.

    No, our App is available only on Google play.

    Jai Siya Ram

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