Thursday, August 13, 2020

Like and subscribe Ram Hi Ram Youtube channel to watch 290 pilgrimages of Shri Ram

Shri Ram Sanskritik Shodh Sansthan Nyas is a pioneer organisation which has made more than 250 television programs in last 15 years to promote the pilgrimages of Shri Ram. Some of these programs are available on youtube.

At present 20 minutes program Jahan Jahan Charan Made Raghuwar Ke is being telecast on each Sunday at 10 pm on Astha TV Channel.

You can find many episodes of this program on Ram Hi Ram youtube channel apart from other films and shows.

Link of channel is given below

All Rambhakts are invited to visit this channel and subscribe the same.

Famous Indologist Dr Ramautar has devoted his entire life to identify and promote these places. All programs are based on the facts researched by Dr Ram Autar.

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