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Find out 249 pilgrimages of Shri Ram in exile

In this section you can find all pilgrimages of Shri Ram in exile. Starting from Ayodhya to Rameshwar and back to Ayodhya there are more than 240 places where Ram spent some time in exile.

Information about all pilgrimages of Shri Ram have been tried to accommodate in the website but in this section specially exile period places are present.

“Dashrath Putra Shri Ram is a historical person who is accepted as incarnation of Lord Vishnu by us claims” , Dr Ramautar , a famous Indologist and scholar on history of ancient India.

Dr Ramautar is working since last 48 years to track the myth and truth about legends of Shri Ram.So far he has identified 290 pilgrimages of Shri Ram in India . He has devoted his entire life to identify, conserve and promote these pilgrimages.

Dr Ramautar, so far, identified 249 places as authentic place of Shri Ram’s in exile . In this section you can find all these places.

All places are arranged systematically, just go to menu bar and check the 3rd category from left. You will find Shri Ram Van Gaman Yatra at third place from top to bottom sub category. All places are arranged here one after one.

You can also check his point of view upon these facts by watching his exclusive interview with us.

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  1. Manoj says:

    Jai shiya ram

  2. Jagdish Sharma says:

    Please location of each mandir

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